March 9, 2015

[Walkthrough] Her Love in the Force - Ayumu Shinonome

Meeting Him

I’m not going to.
I’ll manipulate the cameras.

Episode 2
That’s not true.
It was honestly difficult.

Episode 3
No, teach me.

Episode 4
Well, excuse me.
No one will get anything from that.

Episode 5 
I’m the one who worked.
Ask Kaga

Episode 6
I’d like to talk with you.
Thank you!

Episode 7
Only three hours?

Episode 8
I’m doing facial exercises…
This is thanks to you too!

Episode 9
You came…
Thank you…

Falling in Love

Episode 1
I’ll do my best then!
S-Seventy percent…?

Episode 2
I’ll stay then.
Episode 3 
I didn’t mean to…
Go to the instructors’ room

Episode 4 
At least tell me why.
Crouch down

Episode 5 
Thank you.
I… might’ve…

Episode 6 
You sure you want me?
I’m sorry.

Episode 7 
Is something wrong?

Episode 8 
His kindness.
Doesn’t it hurt?

Episode 9
Of course.

(*Note: Sorry, this Walkthrough is still missing! If you by any chance have it, I would be very grateful if you could share them with us! Just send me a mail ( or post it in the comment box below. Thank you!)

Sequel: Tethered Hearts

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  1. its suppose to be tissue please instead of i didn't mean to, to get higher point :)