31 October, 2015

[Walkthrough] Twilight Romance - Ray Appleby

Main Story

Episode 1
Your eyes are very beautiful.
I’d like that!

Episode 2
Is it ok, if I sit next to you?
I don’t think I’m delicious.

Episode 3
I’m still worried about Ray...
That’s not true!

Episode 4
I need you to wait.
(But I don’t know, if that’s true.)

Episode 5
(I’m still a little scared...)
Ok, just a minute…

Episode 6
I’m glad to talk with you.
(I really want to trust you.)

Episode 7
Do you want me to hate you?
Even still, I’m sorry.

Episode 8
Please, Ray…
Are you alright?

Episode 9
Because I am worried about you!
(How could you do that…)

Episode 10
Don’t hurt Ray!
Place my hand on Ray’s hand

Episode 11
Thank you, too!
Cover Ray

Happy Ending

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