31 October, 2015

[Walkthrough] Twilight Romance - Shion Mayuzumi

Main Story

Episode 1 
Can I call you by first name?

Episode 2
I'm counting on you then.
It's quite nice in here!

Episode 3
I'm going with you.
Don't do anything stupid!

Episode 4
I'm >Character's name<
Shion's bed

Episode 5
Look at him in the eye
Alright, because you were there...

Episode 6
Just stay close...
Change your hairstyle.

Episode 7
There's a trick to it.
Yeah... I do.

Episode 8
Please, be careful...
Don't worry about me!

Episode 9
I have faith in you!!!
Do as told

Episode 10
I want to stay with you.
Don't kill him!

Episode 11
That was the best solution.
She really was grateful.
Happy Ending

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