31 January, 2016

Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart + Star Night Princess Spin off (Klaus BD) [Walkthrough] & CG

(*Note: There is no change in the Love Meter, so you can choose whichever answer you want.
In total you need 26 Keys and 12,000 Lune  (or 1,200 Coins) to complete this Spin off.)

Chapter 1

1.01 Of course!
I never heard you say it…

1.03 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Key~
Need 1x Magic Key
1.05 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
Gorgeous Star Earring - 300 Cooins or  3,000 Lune

1.08 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Key~Need 3x Magic Keys

1.09 Not really!
I want to go!

Chapter 2

2.03 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Key~Need 5x Magic Keys

2.04 No way!
Something like that.

2.05 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
Pearly Ribbon Shaped Bun Hairstyle - 400 Cooins or  4,000 Lune

2.09 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Key~Need 7x Magic Keys

2.09 It’s okay.
You are pretty selfish.

Chapter 3

3.01 A little.
Not at all.

3.04 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
Special Present for Klaus - 500 Cooins or  5,000 Lune

3.08 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Key~Need 10x Magic Keys

3.08 Okay.
Don’t go!

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for sending me this Message Card!)

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