January 16, 2016

[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding - Tamaki Kikushima

Season 1: Main Story

Episode 1
  Look for a hidden camera
It’s a legally binding contract.

Episode 2
Hmm, I wonder…
Then why don’t you ask someone else?

Episode 3
I’ll hold on to it for now
Of course they are

Episode 4
Even as your wife, I won’t do it.
Why do you want to know?

Episode 5
Apologize to the Shochu
Say nothing

Episode 6
I look like an old-fashioned mother figure?
How did you figure that out?

Episode 7
Hide under the blankets
How about listing it as cooking?

Episode 8
Look at Tamaki but say nothing
Hit me back

Episode 9
You can have him if you want.
I’m just happy to marry the man I love.

Episode 10
Do you have a black underwear fetish?
What if I said I wasn’t pretending?

Episode 11
Gently tickle him
I’m jealous of you, too.

Don’t make fun of me!
You’re the idiot!

Episode 13
So you consider me your wife?
There may or may not have been…

Episode 14
We’re not married yet!
I’m such an idiot...

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