19 January, 2016

[Walkthrough] My Wedding and 7 Rings - Seiichiro Hayami

True Love Route: Main Story

Episode 1
I want the person I choose to love me, too.
That might be a good idea…

Episode 2
You’re good at everything.
Look to Mr. Hayami for help

Episode 3
It’s bad for my health!
…I don’t know.

Episode 4
Not particularly.
You’ve got it all wrong!

Episode 5
Take it easy.
Try depending on others!

Episode 6
Be careful not to overwork yourself.
It still makes me happy.

Episode 7
You really do look after me, don’t you?
Unfortunately not…

Episode 8
Say the first thing that comes to mind
I like it a lot.

Episode 9
Bury your face in his chest
Change the subject

Episode 10
No, Mr. Hayami kicked me out.
Yes, I overheard…

Episode 11
Squeeze your eyes shut
It’s all a misunderstanding…!

Episode 12
Watch and do nothing

True Love Route: Sequel

Episode 1
N-No Im not!
It’ll be okay.

Episode 2
…all right.
Of course you can!

Episode 3
You’re so busy every day.
Lie and say Hayami called you

Episode 4
Is that alright?
No, please let me investigate with you!

Episode 5
I want to know the whole truth.
Is this a test too?

Episode 6
Thats the plan.
I dont regret going there…

Episode 7
Enough of that!
Just get away for now

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