25 May, 2016

[Walkthrough] Kiss me on Clover Hill - Chihiro Kikuhara

(*Note: Special Thanks to Princess Mew Mew for sending me ALL these Wakthroughs! Thanks!)

 Season of Love

Episode 1
Hurry to the art studio
Go to the studio

Episode 2
Look Chihiro in the eye
Pick up the cat

Episode 3
Go back to your room
Keep your head down and go to work

Episode 4
Hurry to the university
I can’t forget the sad look in your eyes.

Episode 5
I want to finish what I started.
Follow Chihiro

Episode 6
What do you want to eat, Chihiro?
Try to dodge the question

Episode 7
Talk to Chihiro
You came to pick me up.

Episode 8
He just received a warning…?
Ask Chihiro

Episode 9
Close your eyes
Fantaisie-Impromptu, or something.

Episode 10
You wouldn’t mind?
I really like you.

Episode 11
But I know it wasn’t a dream.
Say nothing

Episode 12
Hide somewhere
Tell the truth

Episode 13
Talk about Chihiro
Discuss it

Episode 14

Happy Ending

(*Note: The description above is from "Season of Luck", Voltage just added the wrong icon because of the Sale. Season of Luck has 5 Chapters and 2 Endings + Epilogue.) 

Season of Luck

Episode 1
Has something happened?
Why didn’t you tell me?

Episode 2
Look at Chihiro
Ask about Chihiro

Episode 3
Go for a walk around town
Talk about your cooking

Episode 4
It made me feel happy
Don’t overwork yourself

Happy Ending

Epilogue 1
Say you want to hear him play
Kiss him

Epilogue 2
Are you angry?

Happy Ending

Season of Hope

Episode 1
Don’t ask
I didn’t even know about this.
Episode 2
Let’s both think on it.
Don’t go.

Happy Ending

Season of Faith

Episode 1
I’ll be sure to visit
You really surprised me…

Episode 2
Don’t ask

Episode 3
Change the subject
I can’t speak French, so…

Episode 4
I saw the two of you talking, last night.
Greet her in French

Episode 5
I was so impressed, I had to go home to recover.
You know I’m no good at dancing…

Episode 6
I’m not really the type to worry about things.
If it’s good for you, and your career, I don’t mind.

Episode 7
Going to the park
Whisper softly

Episode 8
A man reading a newspaper
We can’t give up.

Episode 9
We’d disappear somewhere together.

Happy Ending

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  1. Hello !
    First of all I wish you a good year and good health o(〃^▽^〃)o .
    Now the reason I post here is because 'Season of Hope' does not give the Happy Ending (Before looking at the solution, I tried some by myself, but I have not found the right answers, then I check your walkthrough two times to be sure that I haven't made any mistakes. I still got the Good Ending o(;△;)o ).
    I'll probably give it a try again when my nerves calm down, I just wanted you to know that it didn't worked.
    Good day/night ~