May 25, 2016

[Walkthrough] Star Crossed Myth - Aigonorus

(*Note: Special Thanks to Samoaya for sending me this Walkthrough!)

(*Note: There are two Endings: The Blessed End and the Forbidden End. Both have an extra CG.)

Main Story


Blessed End

Episode 1
A pillow

Episode 2
He protected me.
How long will this last?

Episode 3
Whose fault do you think it is?
You can't do things like that all of sudden!

Episode 4
Pinch his nose
I’ll take the sofa.

Episode 5
Is your spidey sense tingling?

Episode 6
You care about them, huh?

Episode 7
I’m happy.
Look at him

Episode 8
We’re friends.
Let him hug you

Episode 9
Why are you sitting like that?

Episode 10
I can't believe it!
Sing a lullabye

Episode 11
Are you okay?
Look at Aigonorus

Episode 12
I’m more worried about you.
I love you.


Forbidden End

Use the opposite answers from Blessed Eding.

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