May 25, 2016

[Walkthrough] Star Crossed Myth - Zyglavis

(*Note: Special Thanks to Samoaya for sending me this Walkthrough!)

(*Note: There are two Endings: The Blessed End and the Forbidden End. Both have an extra CG.)

Main Story


Blessed End

Episode 1
Please, guard me!
There's only one bed...

Episode 2
I don't know.
Quietly watch him

Episode 3
Stop Zyglavis

Episode 4
I’ll do it!
It depends.

Episode 5
Wait and see

Episode 6
Tell him now
Hold on for dear life

Episode 7
He protected me.

Episode 8
I’m grateful.

Episode 9
Can’t anything be done?

Episode 10
I’m going to the bathroom.
I want to see you again.

Episode 11
I’d want to see Zyglavis again.
Tell Scorpio

Episode 12
Shout that I love Zyglavis
I’ll tell you later.

(*Note: Special Thanks to Annie for sending me this Walkthrough!)



Blessed End

Episode 1
B: Ask to hold hands.
B: Bashfully look away.

Episode 2
A: "I'm coming."
B: "Yes."

Episode 3
A: "I'm embarrassed."
B: "Take me with you."

Episode 4
B: "Something happened, didn't it?"
C: Say, "Take me to him."

Episode 5
B: "Don't be so mean."
A: "I understand."

Episode 6
C: Neither.
A: Say nothing.

Episode 7
B: "I don't want to give up."
B: "Come back."
(*Note: This Walkthrough is still missing! If you by any chance have the Walkthrough, I would be more than happy, if you could send it to me ( THANKS!)

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  2. It's difficult to get the forbidden ending. Even when I use the opposite answers I still end up getting the blessed ending.

  3. I've been trying for months now still can't get it! :S