June 30, 2016

[Walkthrough] My Last First Kiss - Takamune Kitami

(*Note: Special Thanks to Samoaya for sending me this Walkthrough!)

Season 1: Main Story

Episode 1
Ask Taka to come too
I’m focusing working for now.

Episode 2
Tell him it's no trouble
Thanks for worrying about me.

Episode 3
Say they were both cool out there
Call out to him firmly

Episode 4
How is the new team?
Why didn't you say anything?

Episode 5
It’d be nice to walk with you.
You really are a pro.

Episode 6
If I’m bothering you, I’ll go home.
Just keep being yourself.

Episode 7
Pull away without saying anything
It wasn't doing anything!

Episode 8
Thank you Ayato!
I’d like to go there.

Episode 9
Whatever you want to ride.
Can we go out again sometime?

Episode 10
Give him some encouragement
Give him candy

Episode 11
Try and Stop them
Walk him to the lobby
Talk to Taka

Episode 12
Keep quiet

Happy Ending

(*Note: Special Thanks to Amber for this Walkthrough!)

Season 2: Living Together

Episode 1

Who is it?
Quietly close your eyes

Episode 2
Go home first
Don't mention it.

Episode 3
Hold his hand
Thanks for worrying.

Episode 4
Pin him down

Episode 5
Quietly leave the room
Tie it to his wrist

Episode 6

Episode 7
I was waiting.
I believe in you.

Episode 8
That doesn't matter anymore.
That was scary.

Episode 9
Wave at him
Cheer them on loudly


  1. Season 2:
    1-Who is it
    quietly close your eyes
    2- Go home first
    Don't mention it
    3-Hold hishand
    Thanks for worrying
    4-Pin him down
    5-Quietly leave the room
    Tie it to his wrist
    7-I was waiting
    I believe in you
    8- that doesn't matter anymore
    that was scary
    9-Wave at him
    cheer them on loudly