10 July, 2016

[Walkthrough] Scandal in the Spotlight - Ritsuto Ena

(*Note: There are two Endings: The Romantic Time and the Dramatic Love Ending. If you complete  both Endings, you get the Special Picture "Candid Shot"! If you buy the Ending Set, you also get the story behind the Picture "One Reveiling Day in his Head"!)

Season 2: Love Rivals

(*Note: It's tested and also works for the "Love 365" app!)
Romantic Time Ending

Episode 1
That's horrible.
I’m a dog person.

Episode 2

Episode 3
We’ll see...
Do you want money?

Episode 4
Because I’m the assistant manager.
It's cute!

Episode 5
Don't you want to be happy?
Special to me

Episode 6
I accidentally erased them.
Give her a call.

Episode 7
They’re too personal.
I didn't want to worry you.

Episode 8
Okay, I understand.
Are you sure that's okay?

Episode 9
For a walk.
It's been a while.

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