13 July, 2016

[Walkthrough] Shall we date? Eternal Vows - Yataro Kojima

(*Note: Special Thanks to Sarah, for sending me her Walkthrough! THANKS!)

Main Story

Chapter 1
I don't need escorts.
Your not coming, Suien?
I'll be back later.
Kinda embarrassing

Chapter 2
Go for a stroll
Wonder what Yataro is doing
It hurts.

Chapter 3
[No question]

Chapter 4
Stay inside
Explore estate
I'm okay.

Chapter 5
Stay in my room
Ask him where he was going

Chapter 6
The weather isn't looking good so I'll head home.

Chapter 7
Closest vendor

Chapter 8
I'm a little tired.
I need fresh air.
Go out back
No, I've been training.

Chapter 9
Don't duck
I need to think about it

Chapter 10
Wander around outside

Chapter 11
I'm not a kid, he shouldn't treat me like this!

Chapter 12
Tease him about it
Why don't we go horse back riding?

Chapter 13
I'm fine.
Explain what happened

Chapter 14
Give up and let them take me

Sweet Ending

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