August 22, 2016

[Walkthrough] Era of Samurai - Soji Okita

(*Note: Special Thanks to Sarah for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1
I'll let you decide.
I don't care that they're naked.

Chapter 2
Is that curfew every night?
It's not sundown yet!

Chapter 3
I'll teach you the basics of healthcare.
You're insane!

Chapter 4
You're mistaking him for someone else, right?
How can you live in this pigsty?

Chapter 5
I wonder what Okitasan would have given me?
I've had trysts!

Chapter 6
I'm too shy, maybe next time.
I'm so sorry.

Chapter 7
I'm really sorry.
Isn't that hard on you?

Chapter 8
Is this why you wanted to train me?
Thanks for training me today.

Chapter 9
You'd better keep this secret.
Aw... Okita will you get lonely?

Chapter 10
Let's lead the way.
That's not true.

Chapter 11
Don't say things like that!
Yeah, I think maybe I did.

Chapter 12
Okita-san would never say that!
I believe in him.

Written by Love End

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