August 22, 2016

[Walkthrough] Era of Samurai - Toshizo Hijikata

(*Note: Special Thanks to Sarah for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1
I'm sorry 
I'm going to be a medical officer.

Chapter 2
Help my friend
Thank him for the party

Chapter  3
Look at Hijikata
March right in

Chapter 4
I'll go alone.
Talk to him

Chapter 5
Follow Hijikata
Don't ask Shin

Chapter  6
Ask Hijikata for help
Stop talking and just treat him

Chapter 7
Alright ...
I'm not sticking up for them.

Chapter 8
Wait and see what he does
Succumb in your confusion

Chapter 9
It's nothing.

Chapter 10
I like the smell.
Stick up for the Shinsegumi

Chapter 11
Insist on treating the injured
Tremble with rage

Chapter  12
Make me proud. Fight with everything you have.

Written by Love End

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