August 25, 2016

[Walkthrough] Sakura Amidst Chaos - Nobunaga Oda

(*Note: Special Thanks to Samoaya for this Walkthrough!)

Budding Hearts

Episode 1
Your kimono will get dirty.
What are you talking about?!

Episode 2
You were lying, right?
No, I really couldn't.

Episode 3
I can handle things on my own.

Episode 4
Are you worried about me?
I believe you.

Episode 5
I know you can do it!
I guess it's hard being a lord...

Episode 6
Isn't it hard?
Oh no, it's nothing.

Episode 7
I can swim.
He’s not interested in her?

Episode 8
Id never do something that gross
You think so?

Episode 9
Well, I appreciate it.

Episode 10
No, it's not what you think!
Remember Nene

Episode 11
I’m in love with someone else.
I know you can win this!

Episode 12
That's what Lord Nobunaga is like.
I will.

Episode 13
I’m fine. You kept me safe.
Yes, I am.

Episode 14

Episode 15
Hold back your tears

Happy End

(*Note: Special Thanks to Samoaya for this Walkthrough!)

Love Blooms

Episode 1
I was happy to hear it.

Episode 2
Let's try a few smaller shops.
Remain silent

Episode 3
I’m a man.

Episode  3
You saved me!

Episode 5
Take me with you!
Bring him his gauntlets

Episode 6
Lie down
Call his name

Episode 7
Look away
We were lovers.

Episode 8
Start to speak

Episode 9
Turn my eyes away
Say nothing else

Happy End

(*Note: This Walkthrough is still missing! If you by any chance have the Walkthrough, I would be more than happy, if you could send it to me ( THANKS!)

In Full Bloom


1 comment:

  1. In full blossom
    (Sorry if one is wrong)
    Chapter 1
    I don't like it
    We have to get them back together
    Chapter 2
    Stop nobunaga
    Call out to stop hideyoshi
    Chapter 3
    Continue to watch
    Explain your worries to him
    Chapter 4
    Talk to nobunaga

    Took me a 2nd go to get this ending......the Normal one ends somewhat the same only a little different in he tells his wife (your character) to wait a little....unlike date's where it ends differently then the normal one. (I have only those two in the in full blossom)
    ps it seems you can still get the happy/sweet ending if you pick one wrong choice...yes this happens to me a lot or sometimes.....