01 January, 2017

[Walkthrough] Sweet Scandal Returns - Itsuki Horai

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1: Drop the Target!

1.04 What a wonderful memory.
Did she look like me?
I hope you find her. (+5)

1.09 You’re very perceptive. (+5)
…You’re right.
I’m fine.

1.11 Special Itsuki Scenario (get a CG)

1.12 Not at all.
It’s cute. (+5)
It’s surprisingly popular.

Chapter 2: Drama Collaboration & Cover Closely

2.04 However you’d like it, Mr. Horai. (+5)
I’ll leave it to you, Mr. Horai.
I think that’s enough.

2.09 Ah, thanks.
Then, I’ll go ahead. (+5)
I’ll eat by myself.

2.12 It’s nice and warm. (+5)
Thank you.
You’ll catch a cold.

Chapter 3: Overlapping Figure

3.03 What are you doing!?
Thank you.
S-Sorry… (+5)

3.06 Don’t overreact.
I’ll be careful next time.
That’s mean, Mr Horai… (+5)
3.08 Special Itsuki Scenario (get a CG)

3.14 Still, it’s nice of them to say it. (+5)
They’re adorable.
I don’t mind.

Chapter 4: Shaking Thoughts, Fading Memory

4.03 Because you taught me. (+5)
Of course, I’m a reporter.

4.07 Special Itsuki Scenario (get a CG)

4.08 We are like family.
He’s just a friend.
I’ve never even thought about it. (+5)

4.11 Let it be.
Pull away.
Squeeze back. (+5)

Chapter 5: What I’m thinking right now

5.02 I didn’t do anything.
Thank you. (+5)
Don’t thank me.

5.03 Special Itsuki Scenario (get a CG)
5.08 With me?
I’m embarrassed. (+5)
I can’t dance.

5.15 Please go. (+5)
Have a safe trip.
Don’t go…

Chapter 6: Words I couldn’t Say Until Now

6.04 Please let go…
It’s alright now.
Don’t let go… (+5)

6.09 Go straight home. (+5)
Type a message.
Ask him to pass a massage.

6.13 If you don’t.
I don’t mind at all.
It’s very comforting. (+5)

Chapter 7: I was looking only for You

7.05 Where do I start?
I’m sorry! (+5)
It’s not Mr. Horai’s fault.

7.08 Just wait, it won’t take long. (+5)
Are you worried?
Do you want to help?
7.09 Special Itsuki Scenario (get a CG)

7.11 Wait…
Don’t! (+5)

Chapter 8: Two Cameramen

8.04 Take his hand.
Watch him.
Hug him. (+5)

8.07 If you say so.
I’m worried. (+5)
What if I go away…

8.14 I hope Kai cheers up soon.
I’m worried about you too. (+5)
Please don’t overdo it.

Chapter 9: A Step Forward

9.01 Thank you for saving me.
I was so scared.
Yes, I’m okay. (+5)
9.04 Special Itsuki Scenario (get a CG)

9.09 What’s wrong?
Calm down.
Are you jealous? (+5)

9.13 I want to be with you too. (+5)
Silently nod.

Chapter 10: What must be Protected

10.02 Cheer up! (+5)
You mom’s going to be okay!
Don’t make those faces…

10.08 But…
I understand…
Please contact me if anything happens. (+5)

10.14 Don’t be ridiculous.
Actually, I’m happy. (+5)
A little…

Chapter 11: What’s beyond my Choice

11.04 It was great! (+5)
It really did.
I was happy.

11.08 That’s what I planned to do from the beginning.
That’s what I want too. (+5)
Of course.

11.15 I’ll be watching from nearby. (+5)
I’m kind of worried…
Will you be okay?

Good Ending requirement: +160 Affection Points (get a CG)
Happy Ending requirement: +200 Affection Points, +2,000 Engagement Strength (get a CG)

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