01 January, 2017

[Walkthrough] Sweet Scandal Returns - Shintaro Yoshioka

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1

1.04 It’s my job to make you interesting. (+5)
Don’t you have any confidence?
Do you dislike media exposure?

1.08 You’re so Japanese. (+5)
You’re just trying to look cool…
I will do whatever I want.

1.14 I want to know more about you.
I’m interested in Kendo. (+5)
It has nothing to do with you.

Chapter 2: So many Rivals ?!

2.02 What will I do?
Are you leaving!?
But… (+5)

2.08 That’s amazing. (+5)
Thanks to that, you saved me.
I interrupted your practice, didn’t I?

2.14 It’s exciting, right? (+5)
I’m sorry…
Please don’t blame me for this.

Chapter 3: Getting Closer & Pounding Heart

3.04 I was just passing.
Don’t tell me off.
You noticed quickly. (+5)

3.07 It’s a silly question, right?
But you seem so popular. (+5)
What about a girl that you like?

3.13 What if I said yes?
That’s a strange question.
I was also interested in you. (+5)

Chapter 4: Complicated Feelings

4.03 Sorry for looking.
Should I turn on the TV? (+5)
You’re really muscular.

4.09 I’m not angry. (+5)
But you’re making me angry.
Sometimes it happens.

4.12 Don’t you want to do it?
Don’t you feel well?
I’m sorry for making you do this. (+5)

Chapter 5: Shaking Heart
5.04 Shintaro.
I’ll cheer for both of you. (+5)

5.09 If you say so. (+5)
But I don’t want to…

5.13 I kind of thought that.
I was worried.
Are you feeling down? (+5)

Chapter 6: To get Stronger

6.04 You really like him, don’t you? (+5)
You really like kendo, don’t you?
So you’re a good person after all.

6.07 What are you saying?! (+5)
Don’t decide things by yourself.
What are you trying to do?

6.13 That’s not true.
Age has nothing to do with it. (+5)
I’m scared of you, Miyuki.

Chapter 7: Close Hearts, Frustrating Distance

7.01 But we’re not allowed to date…
If you want to. (+5)
Of course.

7.09 I’m sorry, too. (+5)
It’s fine.
You could have showered afterwards.

7.13 That’s not what I’m saying.
If it’s Shintaro, then it’s okay. (+5)
Stop interrupting.
Chapter 8:
8.04 I was just passing by. (+5)
I’m investigating the president.
What do you think I was doing?

8.07 Nothing at all.
I just thought it was cute.
I’m glad I could see another side of you. (+5)

8.13 I hadn’t realized.
That’s not true.
Is that a compliment? (+5)

Chapter 9: What I want to Protect

9.04 Working.
I was worried about you. (+5)
There’s something I’m worried about.

9.08 That’s not all.
I’m a student of this dojo, after all. (+5)
I was worried about you, Tadashi.

9.14 There’s no way I’d tell you! (+5)
My heart was pounding.
I don’t remember.

Chapter 10: Holding you Tonight

10.03 I didn’t call you.

Yes… (+5)

10.07 Okay. (+5)
It’s dangerous.
I’ll come too.

10.11 Because you’re so nervous. (+5)
It’s just cute.

Chapter 11: I’m waiting for You

11.04 I do, but…
I’m worried.
I’m so anxious that it’s crushing me. (+5)

11.07 Of course I don’t. (+5)
But I wonder why he didn’t tell me anything.
I’m a bit lonely.

11.14 Are you still messing around?
Are you…?
I won’t let you have him! (+5)

Good Ending requirement: +160 Affection Points (get a CG)
Happy Ending requirement: +200 Affection Points, +2,000 Engagement Strength (get a CG)

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