23 April, 2017

[Walkthrough] My Sweet Bodyguard - Eiji Kiyosumi

London Calling: Part 1

(*Note: Special Thanks to Deborah for this Walkthrough!)

Episode 1
I can eat anything
Details, Kiyosumi
Episode 2
I’ve enjoyed living with you
Episode 3
Let’s both sleep in the garden!
Episode 4
Do you have another T-shirt?
Not Eiji, of all people...
Episode 5
Point Eiji’s gun at them
I’m sad
Episode 6
It’ll be okay
I’ll go with you
Episode 7
I don’t believe you!
Let’s escape together!
Episode 8
He was chasing after me!
I don’t want to lose you!
Episode 9
Leave it to me
Eiji was shot!
Episode 10
I want to talk to him
Episode 11
I was worried about Eiji
I missed you
Episode 12
Do you want to go to Yakiniku Ramen?
You love joking around
Episode 13
I could say the same to you
There was another incident…
Episode 14
Look over at Eiji
Eiji is our ally
Episode 15
To prevent betrayal
Go speechless
Super Happy Ending

London Calling: Part 2

(*Note: Sorry, this Walkthrough is still missing! If you by any chance have it, I would be very grateful if you could share them with us! Just send me a mail (dawnire@gmail.com) or post it in the comment box below. Thank you!)

Where the Heart is

(*Note: Special Thanks to Deborah for this Walkthrough!)

Episode 1
Tell him you’re dating someone
I’m happy
Episode 2
What do you think?
Then let’s get married already!
Episode 3
Where did you hear that?
Okay, but only once
Episode 4
Leave without saying anything
I want to see her soon
Super Happy Ending

A Dangerous Love Game

(*Note: Special Thanks to Deborah for this Walkthrough!)

Episode 1
I’m a little worried
It’s more important to catch the culprit
Episode 2
Act like you don’t know him
Try to pick it up
Episode 3
Quietly hold his hand
Let’s go
Episode 4
I’m glad you defeated him
About your mother
Super Happy Ending

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