11 January, 2018

[Walkthrough] When Destiny Comes Knocking - Rheo Usami

Main Story

(*Note: Special Thanks to Aiko for sending me this Walkthrough!
To fully grasp the story, I recommend to read the "In Demand Route" first and to choose all of Rheo's options.)
Episode 1
I'm not that kind of girl.
It's been a long time since anyone did that to me!

Episode 2
Try to casually pull away.
To call work.

Episode 3
You just did a “kabe-don.

Episode 4
Say, “I didn't sign a photo release!”
What was that song?

Episode 5
You're probably right.
Ask about the pictures.

Episode 6
An amusement park.
You're so cool.

Episode 7
Actually, I COULD see you doing that.
I like hard rock.

Episode 8
Rheo could sit in the middle.
Tell them what high school was like for you.

Episode 9
Tug on his arm.
Let me thank you.

Episode 10
I'm going to miss last train.
I think that's my right as your girlfriend.

Episode 11
I'm just so happy.
You're joking... Right?

Episode 12
Tonight, we drink!
Then I'll never stop smiling.

Super Happy End

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