30 November, 2014

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 “I’m not going easy on you because you’re a girl.”
You’ve landed in the all-male Public Safety Police Academy?!
In pursuit of your dreams of becoming a detective, you find yourself at the Public Safety Police Academy... surrounded by nothing but men!
And every last one of the instructors that await you is hardened and uncompromising?!
You’re forced to go undercover just the two of you as boyfriend and girlfriend...

“An instructor’s orders are absolute!”

Their policy is discipline & discipline with love!
But after all the strict training... the sweetest reward just might be waiting!


(All Characters, Stories and Pictures belong to © Voltage Inc.)

Her Love in the Force - Opening Movie [Voltage] on YouTube from VoltageOfficialPV

My Rating:

Fun: ★★★☆☆
Drama: ★★★★☆
 Horror: ★★★☆☆
Mature content: ★★★☆☆
Love: ★★★★☆
Art quality: ★★★★☆


I like this game! I already was a huge fan of "My Sweet Bodyguard", because it was one of the first Voltage games. It's so funny when those guys suddenly appear in this game! ^^ And the best part is, that Ishigami and Goto get a Main Story again! This is like reading their story again, but from another angle, especially for Goto's story. I'm still waiting for Toru to get his own story in this game as well, since he's just the funniest of all guys. 
If you can't decide on which guy to pick, just read the first Free episodes of all characters!
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*Note: Due to the new Voltage Inc/Voltage Entertainment USA "guideline", I won't post any Voltage Inc CG's anymore. I don't want my Blog to be shut down, so I'll refrain from posting them anywhere, until I get the official OK from the company itself. I'm very sorry for those who were looking forward to see the CG's of this game, but I rely on your understanding for my situation.
Thank you and keep having fun with the game! 


P.S: Although I haven't posted their CG's, I listed all released stories here, just for your information. 

  • Hyogo Kaga: Meeting Him, Falling in Love, Epilogue, Tethered Hearts, Sequel Epilogue
  • Seiji Goto: Meeting Him, Falling in Love, Epilogue, Tethered Hearts, Sequel Epilogue
  • Hideki Ishigami: Meeting Him, Falling in Love, Epilogue, Tethered Hearts, Sequel Epilogue
  • Shusuke Soma: Meeting Him, Falling in Love, Epilogue, Tethered Hearts, Sequel Epilogue
  • Ayumu Shinonome: Meeting Him, Falling in Love, Epilogue, Tethered Hearts, Sequel Epilogue
  • Jin Namba: Meeting Him, Falling in Love, Epilogue, Tethered Hearts, Sequel Epilogue
Sub Story:
  • His POV: Hyogo, Goto, Ishigami
  • Kiss x Mission
  • Love Enforcement Training
  • Surprise Date Love Story: Goto, Kaga, Ishigami, Soma 
  • Hot Love on a Frosty Night
  • New Year's is for Lovers 


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  1. I'm not sure if you noticed Dawn but you forgot to put in a link for Ayumu's MS2: Falling in Love cgs and his epilogue cg.

    1. Yeah, sorry. I just can't keep up with updating the blog. I'll try to fix everything asap