March 29, 2014

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess - Glenn J. Casiraghi

Main Story

Episode 1
I’m sorry but I can’t dance.
Thank you for the offer but…

Episode 2
But books are made for reading right?
I was just wondering about His Highness.

Episode 3
There’s nothing vulgar about it.

Episode 4
No, I’ll stay.
I don’t really feel that way about him.

Episode 5
Say Yes & nod
Kind of cute

Episode 6
It’s no trouble at all.
Head out to the main balcony

Episode 7
Stop toying with me!
You can’t do that!

Episode 8
Go to Prince Glenn’s room
I just wanted to see you.

Episode 9
O...of course not…
I don’t think that at all.

Episode 10
I don't mind.
Can’t we stay out here a little longer?

Episode 11
That was never my intention.
How would I know?

Episode 12
How can you tell?
Try the balcony

Episode 13
No, I can ask him myself.
Try the balcony

Episode 14
I love Glenn.
Don’t answer


Episode 1
I really think it's necessary.
Follow Glenn's relatives

Episode 2
Go to take his hand
Is there something you'd like to eat?

Episode 3
Thanks, Glenn.
She said it for our sake.

Episode 4
Of course not!.
There's lots of things I want to say.

Episode 5
That's awful, Glenn!
Cut it

Episode 6
We should stop pressing him.

Second Sequel

Episode 1
Put it off until later
I went to see the stars.

Episode 2
How about a walk around town?
Open your eyes

Episode 3
Fume silently
I guess it is.

Episode 4
Why did Yu leave?
I am not.

Princess Sequel

Episode 1
Fix Glenn’s tie
Ask Yu to come back

Episode 2
I guess it can’t be helped…

Episode 3
Just relax for now.

Episode 4
Can’t you cut a few of those tasks?
Get closer and speak up

Episode 5
Wake him up

Episode 6
Think about this conversation later
Mr. Malcolm

Episode 7
A calm expression
Splash coaster

Episode 8
Don’t you have any regrets?
Stroke his face while saying nothing

Episode 9
Are you alright? Maybe you should rest…
I wanted her to know how you felt.

Secret Spring Date
Take the main road (Happy Ending = Glenn)
Take the back road (Good Ending = Yu)

Another Prince's Wedding
I wanted to see the ruins. (Happy Ending)
I wanted to ride a camel. (Good Ending)

A Wine Party with Princes 
Continue working on the report (Happy Ending)
Take a breather (Good Ending)

Prince Grand Prix
He looks irritated. (Happy Ending)
He's smiling. (Good Ending)

The June Bride
You need to go back to your room. (Happy Ending)
Shall we go straight to bed now then? (Good Ending)

Camp on a Remote Island
Suggest that you put up the tent first (Happy Ending)

Private Summer with the Princes
Go towards the shrine (Happy Ending)

A Secret Halloween for Two
Don’t answer the phone (Happy Ending)

A Royal Christmas
The toy store (Happy Ending)

A Royal St. Valentine’s Day
Think back to the past (Happy Ending)

A Trip to a Royal Anniversary Party
Ask Prince Madaaf what happened (Happy Ending)

Your 1st White Day
Elementary School girl (Happy Ending)

Glenn's Birthday Set
-1st Birthday: Go left
-2nd Birthday:  Prince Joshua's woolen hat
Prince Glenn
Candy Apple

A Timeless Christmas
Tell him about the lights (Glenn Happy Ending)

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