March 29, 2014

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess - Roberto Button

Main Story

Episode 1
I couldn’t possibly.
Why did you come to my place?

Episode 2
I understand.
Open the door

Episode 3
I feel nothing?
Isn’t it dangerous to be by yourself?

Episode 4
You really do have friends don’t you?
Look away without saying anything

Episode 5
Try to stay at Prince Roberto’s side
There’s no need to be jealous.

Episode 6
Smile back
Look at Price Roberto

Episode 7
Keep an eye on him

Episode 8
Don’t push yourself too hard.
Choose to stay

Episode 9
Follow Prince Roberto
It’s your choice who you give it to.

Episode 10
Stay there and watch the match

Episode 11
Look towards Prince Roberto

Episode 12
Leave the room
Are you really okay with that?

Episode 13
I think I shall pass.
Lean into him

Episode 14
Open the book quietly
You can’t!


Episode 1
Sit down and eat

Episode 2
Reach out and grab it
Get a hold of yourself

Episode 3
Talk about the photo in the archive

Episode 4
It's dangerous, you need to leave!
Peek inside

Episode 5
I'm sure there's a way to open it.
It's about the music box...

Episode 6
I understand.
You'll break it doing that.
Second Sequel

Episode 1
Mope with him
Talk about Roberto

Episode 2
Sorry, I'm just not hungry...
I couldn't ask you that.

Episode 3
Bring up Roberto
About Sofia

Episode 4
Look at Roberto
Think about the dress

Princess Sequel

Episode 1
Kiss him on the lips
Can I finish my work first?

Episode 2
Get ready for dinner
That sounds like a lovely story.

Episode 3
That looks delicious!
We should ask Alberto first

Episode 4
It’s not that no one trusts you...

Episode 5
Don’t talk to him
Ask directly

Episode 6
Dining room

Episode 7
I’m not confident, but all I can do is try.
I want to do something too.

Episode 8
We would like your advice.
Are there any tricks to remember?

Episode 9
Say something

Secret Spring Date
Go check up on him (Happy Ending = Roberto)
Call ahead (Good Ending = Alberto)

Another Prince's Wedding
Watch from a distance (Happy Ending)
Participate (Good Ending)

A Wine Party with Princes
Wilfred (Happy Ending)
Joshua (Good Ending)
Prince Grand Prix
Turn him down flat (Happy Ending)
Give a vague refusal (Good Ending)

The June Bride
Call to Roberto (Happy Ending)
Don't say anything about Roberto (Good Ending)

Camp on a Remote Island
Go further out to sea (Happy Ending)

Private Summer with the Princes
Say to go back to where the others are (Happy Ending)

A Secret Halloween for Two
Mr. and Miss Halloween Contest (Happy Ending)

A Royal Christmas
Ask Prince Roberto what he wants (Happy Ending)

A Royal St. Valentine’s Day
Stare at the dress (Happy Ending)

A Trip to a Royal Anniversary Party
Look at each other (Happy Ending)

Your 1st White Day
Try making cookies again (Happy Ending)

Roberto's Birthday Set
-1st Birthday: Leave it on
-2nd Birthday: Wolf ears
It's so pretty. 

A Timeless Christmas
Thank you! (Roberto Happy Ending)

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