March 30, 2014

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess - Joshua Lieben

Main Story

Episode 1
I'm just a student.
Don't blame me for a mistake you made!

Episode 2
It's sad that he thinks like that.

Episode 3
Did you give me that blanket last night?
They all taste good. I can't choose.

Episode 4
Wait for Jan to come back
It didn't sound like one...

Episode 5
I'm not very hungry...
It's a rice ball.

Episode 6
You're abducting me?!
It's very silent all of a sudden...

Episode 7
I'll keep to my room for the day.

Episode 8
It seems so.
I'm just his maid.

Episode 9
That's right...
Try speaking to him

Episode 10
What did you mean about his pride?
Please go on with your meeting.

Episode 11
Offer it to him once more
You always say that...

Episode 12
I won't be able to make rice balls any more...
I'm glad to have met you.

Episode 13
Have you betrayed Prince Joshua?!
I can't let you do this because of me!

Episode 14
Help Prince Joshua call out to Jan
Yes, thank you.


Episode 1
Prince Joshua
Think about it

Episode 2
No, it's a good thing.

Episode 3
I'm sorry!
Go left, toward the sound of footsteps

Episode 4
Look down and don't answer
Slap him

Episode 5
Is he on holiday?
Be brave and turn around

Episode 6
What if it wasn't just for fun?
Hug him

Second Sequel

Episode 1
 Sure! Here you go!
It's fun! Want to give it a try?

Episode 2
Say nothing
Watch him sleep

Episode 3
Say something.
What do you plan to do?

Episode 4
What did you think about them?
Being here with you is enough.

Princess Sequel

 Episode 1
You've never worn pajamas before?
Slap him

Episode 2
Tell about the proposal
Because of his callous expression

Episode 3
It's a little complicated...
I'm so happy!

Episode 4
Just for a little bit...

Episode 5
Break it up yourself
Whisper in a quiet voice

Episode 6
I want Joshua to see, too.
About the night skyline

Episode 7
Could it be Lushdi?
Let me go!

Episode 8
Ask about Lana
It's Prince Joshua.

Episode 9
Let's not go public.
Go see Lana

Secret Spring Date
Accept them (Happy Ending = Joshua )
Don't accept them (Good Ending = Jan)

Another Prince's Wedding
Get some air (Happy Ending)
Go back to the hotel (Good Ending)
A Wine Party with Princes
Take a seat on a nearby bench (Happy Ending)
Go back to the dining room (Good Ending)
Prince Grand Prix
Orange juice (Happy Ending)
Rice Balls (Good Ending)
The June Bride
Joshua (Happy Ending)
Jan (Good Ending)

Camp on a Remote Island
 Go through the tunnel in the bushes (Happy Ending)

Private Summer with the Princes
Say what I want to do (Happy Ending)

A Secret Halloween for Two
Nod (Happy Ending)

A Royal Christmas
 Back street (Happy Ending)

A Royal St. Valentine’s Day
Give an example (Happy Ending)

A Trip to a Royal Anniversary Party
“But…” (Happy Ending)
Your 1st White Day
Go straight to the hot spring (Happy Ending)

Joshua's Birthday Set
-1st Birthday: Avert your eyes
-2nd Birthday: Ask Jan
Kiss him on the cheek
Ask him to wait
A Timeless Christmas
The window (Joshua Happy Ending)

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