March 30, 2014

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess - Edward Levaincois

Main Story

 Episode 1
Point at favorite pastry
Go to the opera

Episode 2
I was deeply moved by the opera.
I’m having fun.

Episode 3
Ask for Louis
Thanks for bringing me here.

Episode 4
Please wait!
Lend one by one

Episode 5
I think so.
Leave the party

Episode 6
Feels a bit like that.

Episode 7
Don’t worry about me.
Yes I was.

Episode 8
Yes, I was with him.
Instinctively follow him

Episode 9
Go towards the passage
Thank you for everything.

Episode 10
What about Prince Edward?
Please, go back to the stage.

Episode 11
Hesitate about going
Shall we get something to eat?

Episode 12
Pick up immediately

Episode 13
Return to your world.

Episode 14
Because we like each other.
Believe that Edward will come for you


Episode 1
Now isn't..

Episode 2
Rush to put out the flames

Episode 3
Stop dancing
What kind of person is Ron?

Episode 4
Where you working in the rose garden?
There is something I'm wondering about.

Episode 5
Place it on his head
Scold him

Episode 6
Hug him back
It's fine.

Second Sequel

Episode 1
Only a little.
I think it is a great plan.

Episode 2
Tap him lightly on the chest
Tea set

Episode 3
Quietly say something
Accept her criticism

Episode 4
Reply with a smile
Speak honestly

Princess Sequel

Episode 1
Bury my face into his chest
Tell him

Episode 2
If anything were to happen to Ed...
Her stomach looked a little swollen.

Episode 3
That's wonderful news!
Are you hiding anything from me?

Episode 4
Is something wrong?
Yes, can I ask you to bring it?

Episode 5
I'm a little worried about Louis.
Maybe Arionne's shy.

Episode 6
The Special Morning Set
I'll work beside him.

Episode 7
Hesitate to say
Play it off

Episode 8
Pat him on the back
You don't need to say thank you.

Episode 9
Talk to Prince Edward
It isn't much, but....

Secret Spring Date
Look down from the window (Happy Ending = Edward)
Hurry to the meeting place (Good Ending = Louis)

Another Prince's Wedding
Run away (Happy Ending)
Hide (Good Ending)

A Wine Party with Princes
Don't drink the wine (Happy Ending)
Drink the wine (Good Ending)

Prince Grand Prix
A large, solid person (Happy Ending)
A tall, thin person (Good Ending)

The June Bride
Don't tell (Happy Ending)
Tell the truth (Good Ending)

Camp on a Remote Island
Shelter from rain. (Happy Ending)

Private Summer with the Princes
Nod (Happy Ending)

A Secret Halloween for Two
Open the door (Happy Ending)

A Royal Christmas
 Just ask (Happy Ending)

A Royal St. Valentine’s Day
Thank you. (Happy Ending)

A Trip to a Royal Anniversary Party
Say something (Happy Ending)

Your 1st White Day
Check cell phone (Happy Ending)

Edward's Birthday Set

- 1st Birthday: A calm voice
- 2nd Birthday: Water the pot plants
Think for myself

A Timeless Christmas
How about skating? (Edward Happy Ending)

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