April 7, 2014

[Walkthrough] In Your Arms Tonight - Kippei Ebihara

(*To obtain a Super Happy Ending)

Don't get a divorce.
Ignore him.
I look forward to working together.
Talk about old times.
  Main Story

I'll show you what I can do.
I'd like to keep working, if I can.
I was just surprised.
It's no big deal.
It's hard to say...
I don't know what to do.
You're a good looking guy...
I've never seen you smile before.
A woman answered the phone.
You're embarrassing me...
He was amazing.
I can't.
You don't remember?
I wanted to have a drink with you.
Could we take a little walk?
I came to get out of the rain.
Hold on.

That's right...

I'd like to keep working for a while.
That's not true.
Why did you say not to visit.


A house with big kitchen!
We've never talked about it.
Stretch up to kiss him on the cheek.
I would have wanted you to tell me.
You're kind.
Didn't smile at all.
I want to hear more.
Would you please give me a chance?
It depends on how well I do.
What do you mean?
I love you.
Let's go!
(I want us to be together, always)
I'm not going to regret it.
I'm fine.
I want to go to!
Keep an eye on him.
Don't ask.

Sub Story: Another Story

I think I should study more first.
We weren't compatible.
I'm not ashamed at all.
I didn't think about increasing sales.
There's so much I don't know.
Beats me.
I know.
Just be honest.
I try to come early once in awhile...
I just thought, I need to learn from you.
Are you trying to work? You're sick!
Are you still trying to work?
Takada, you're horrible.
I have a favor to ask.
Not at all.
It's alright.
Do you think so?
I thought I'd study.
I want to go somewhere with you.
Because we're... partners.
I just thought, that's true.
Mr. Ebihara... you knew.
I love you too.
Do you even consider other people?

Sub Story: His POV

This is your style?
She might be crying again.
I had no choice.
Thanks for dinner.
Light or heavy prickling?
Anyone would.
Did you make it home okay?
Go after her.

Wedding Vows

Episode 1
What if a client walks in?

Episode 2
I’m just surprised.

Episode 3
That’s frustrating.
We’re trying our best.

Episode 4
You don’t have to laugh.

Episode 5
What is it?

Episode 6
I wish you could.
Isn’t it great?

Episode 7
I think he’s nice.

Episode 8
It’s not Kippei’s fault!
What do you mean?

Episode 9
It was all worth it.
Sorry I worried you.

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