April 7, 2014

[Walkthrough] In Your Arms Tonight - Kiyoto Makimura

 (*To obtain a Super Happy Ending)

Get a divorce.
Offer your hand.
I look forward to working together.
Mind if I put on some music.
Main Story

No, this is just a big misunderstanding!
Your attitude towards woman.
I have no idea.
Sorry, but no.
It's not that...
Are you making fun of me?
...Did something happen to you?
That's not true.
Because we're married.
I don't think so.
There's just something about it...
Be quiet.
That painting's too big for the garbage.
Are you quite finished?
But you still love her, even after that?
I can't make a scene.
You're a good guy, Kiyoto.
It's not that. I just...
Why don't you go stay with your girlfriend?
'I won't be there... Sorry.
That has nothing to do with it.
You've got it all wrong.
No. I'm doing this for me.


I'm still looking.
That's not true.
Is it OK to just throw it away?
He might make a career out of it...
I don't think it's wrong, but I'm surprised.
Not particularly...
It's depends what it is...
Thank you.
Don't say it like that...
I was pleased that you did.
You don't know that that'll happen.
I've felt like that before.
It was Ebihara's plan that she liked.
But you must be worried, right?
Because I know how she feels.
I didn't want to worry them.
I'm sorry about last time.
I guess...

(*Note: Special Thanks to TraMi Le for this Walkthrough!)

Wedding Vows

Episode 1
B.) No comment
C.) Bright bouquet

Episode 2
C.) I’m at work. Stop talking like that
C.) We’re discussing work.

Episode 3
B.) You look handsome
B.) Flowers

Episode 4
A.) You’re right
C.) I didn’t realize it

Episode 5
A.) Sure you can
B.) You were a jerk.

Episode 6
C.) Wouldn’t you like to know?
A.) Confirm

Episode 7
A.) Stroke his hair
A.) Apologize

Episode 8
A.) Sorry
A.) Of course it is.

Episode 9
B.) Simple ramen noodles.
C.) Play it cool.

Sub Story: Another Story

That's not what I'm after.
What if she liked you?
It's lonely, but easy.
I'm sorry if I touched a nerve.
The way they do their own thing.
I'll be fine.
I'm sorry to hear that, but..
I have not.
So tell me with your mouth.
Quit teasing.
Aren't you embarrassed?
I'm only making veggies from now on.
Why would you tell me that?
You sure have an active imagination.
I just snapped...
Pinch his lips tight.
I don't want that to be my criteria.
I noticed he was weird as we spoke...
I'm lonely.
That's because he gave me a cat.
I like my job right now...
Someone it's fun to be with.
I'm allowed.
I don't know when that will be.

Sub Story: His POV

Is that a challenge?
Ignore it and kiss her.
Not telling.
Aiba's got a crush on you.
Make something good for me. (For Happy End: Yes, thank you)
Not messing with her much.
Stay with me a little longer.
Someone you want to protect.

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