May 4, 2014

[Walkthrough] My Sweet Bodyguard - Hideki Ishigami

Main Story

Episode 1
 I'm okay.
Are you okay?

 Episode 2
Why not?
Was Kurosawa telling the truth?

Episode 3
You're mean!
Please stay here!

Episode 4
I believe in him.
I don't believe you.

Episode 5
I want to think you were worried.
Just because.

Episode 6
I told him you were thoughtful.
It would be nice if true.

Episode 7
I'm not angry.
I don't know how to say it.

Episode 8
Please trust Ishigami!
Just a little longer.

Episode 9
I understand.


Episode 1
I'm happy.

Episode 2
I could still live here.
Shake your head

Episode 3
I waited until it cooled down...
I wonder what else he says...

Episode 4
I know you're busy.
It was okay.

Episode 5
Say something
Of course!

Episode 6
There must be another reason.
You're cute.

Episode 7
I'm okay.
It's definitely here!

Episode 8
In return for Yusuke!
I tried my best...

Episode 9
He really is.
You're sweet.

Wedding Sequel

Episode 1
He’s scary at first, but…
Get some rest.

Episode 2
There’s a high chance…
I want to get married.

Episode 3
Rush over to him
It’s alright.

Episode 4
Speak fondly of him
That’s good.

Episode 5
A good change.
That’s not true!

Episode 6
Do as you’re told
I don’t blame him.

Episode 7
Don’t worry.
I couldn’t.

Episode 8
Am I nagging?

Episode 9
I don’t know.
Ask if he wants pudding

Episode 10
Be happy
Touch his cheek

Episode 11
I want to ride it with you.
Why do this?

Episode 12
Don’t push yourself.
Get embarrassed

Episode 13
I’m glad you get along.
I’m glad I got to see you.

Episode 14
It sounds nice.
I’m happy with you.

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