May 4, 2014

[Walkthrough] My Sweet Bodyguard - Seiji Goto

Main Story

Episode 1
Are you working?
Thank you for last night.

Episode 2
I'm worried.
Let it cool down some more.

Episode 3
My friends.
Of course I'm worried.

Episode 4
I just really hoped...
A good friend.

Episode 5
Are you sure?
It will be a pleasure.

Episode 6
I'm worried about him.
You're a good friend.

Episode 7
I know...
I don't know him!

Episode 8
I am because of you.

Episode 9
I'm just telling the truth.
Will you make dessert as well?


Episode 1
  I was nervous.
I’ll cool it down.

Episode 2
I want to get married.
Are you jealous?

Episode 3
That would be great!
Of course not.

Episode 4
You look sweet when you laugh.
He’s acting weird.

Episode 5
Leave it to me
You’ll make a good husband.

Episode 6
He is acting weird...

Episode 7
Hug him
There’s something more important.

Episode 8
You’ll be late tomorrow.
Calm down!

Episode 9
I knew you’d be okay.
I do want to get married.

Wedding Sequel

(*Note: This Walkthrough is still missing. If you by any chance have it, please let me know, so I can add it here for everyone. Thanks!)

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  1. i have this sequel and have gotten the perfect ending my friend was using this sight but seen u didnt have anything for the wedding sequel so i had to end up helping her out this story is very cute i have bought all the characters and all the sub stories