01 April, 2015

NEWS - April

Hello everybody!
On this page I'll inform you about the latest NEWS: Updates, New Otome Games, New Sub Stories, Special Sales or any News I can find. If you know something and want to let everyone know about it, please let me know it. I make sure to add it here asap! 
(*Note: Other News will be replaced by a new page by the end of the month. Otherwise this page would be endless long in no time!)

So, have fun with your games! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

P.S. Check also out the calendar on the right side of the blog. You might have birthday on the same day as your hubby!

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Voltage Romance Sim Library

Class Trip Crush

Rei(ji) Uraga (Main Story, Epilogue, Sequel, Sequel Epilogue)
Dreamy Days on West Tokyo

Samon - A Poem from Him Sub Story
Enchanted in the Moonlight

Aki (Season 2 Main Story)
Kanata Tachibana (Main Story, Epilogue)
Finally, in Love Again

First Love Diaries

Her Love in the Force

Eisuke (Season 2 Twist of Fate)
Soryu (Season 2 Twist of Fate)
Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

Love Letters from Thief X

Metro PD

My Forged Wedding

My Sweet Bodyguard

My Wedding and 7 Rings

Chiaki (Don't Tell Him I'm Popular, After The Crisis)
Tsumugu (Sequel, Sequel Epilogue) 
Our Two Bedroom Story

Takashi Ninagawa (Main Story, Epilogue, Sequel)
Scandal in the Spotlight

Star Crossed Myth

Rui (His POV)
True Love Sweet Lies

Other NEWS

New Spin off
Sasuke: Today, I'd like to talk about Hina Matsuri, also known as Doll Festival.
Hina Matsuri is a very special day for girls in Japan. Parents celebrate their daughter’s happiness, growth on this day. A pair of dolls will be on display on tiers of shelves covered with red carpet.
Saizo: There is a superstition that the daughter of the house will have a hard time finding a marriage partner if the dolls aren’t handled properly. Right? Sasuke.
Sasuke: Right! Don’t you want to know what we ninjas do in the Doll Festival? Now there’s a new spin-off "Pretty Princess Festival" talks about the girls' festival, released TODAY.
Don’t miss these stories!
Saizo: Not to forget, many beautiful avatar items available too! I can’t wait to see your new look!
Sasuke: Don’t forget me too! By the way, the story is available from Apr.6, 1:00 AM to May 3, 1:00 AM (PDT). It's going to be super fun!

New Spin off coming soon?...
Luca “Yukiya’s birthday‘s coming up on April 10th...”
Elias “...Hey, Luca.”
Luca “Yuck, Elias. What?”
Elias “What do you mean by ‘yuck’...? Aren’t you up to no good?”
Luca “Huh? On Yukiya’s birthday? No WAY! Cuz Yukiya shows no reaction. It’s not fun at all!”
Elias “Is it true?”
Luca “It is! I won’t do anything to Yukiya. But I don’t know about her...*mumble*”
Elias “Huh? What did you say?”
Luca “Oww! When’s your birthday? Everyone said they wanna know.”
Elias “Mine? Did I forgot to tell you guys? It’s March 19th.”

New Sub Stories!
The guys of My Forged Wedding and 7 Rings face off in this crossover!!
A kiss for each different type of situation to get your heart pounding!
Which one do you like best?

Check out both 'My Wedding' apps!

*☆* Attention Fans! *☆*
Thank you for waiting so long!
Taiga's Sequel annd Sequel Epilogue are now available!

New Sub Story!!

[Surprise Date Love Story]
Goto and Kaga's stories are OUT NOW!
Find out the secret behind their Story.

[Special Image?]
Support your favorite app and get a FREE IMAGE!
My Sweet Bodyguard has released "Love Triangle" and Her Love in the Force has released "Surprise Date Love Story: Goto".
The app with the story that sells more in ONE WEEK will be the winner and will give away a free image available to everyone later this month!
Buy your favorite app's story now!

Sakuya: His Point of View Now Available!!!!
What was he really thinking the first time you two met? When did you become more that "Thing X"? Why did he start taking pictures? What about that time when you and Kiyoharu...
Read His Point of View! Out Now!!

~Teorus’s Main Story, Epilogue and His PoV are OUT!~
The god you’ve chosen is tasked with granting the wishes of humans.
Unlike Leon, he’s a wonderful god who will grant even the smallest of wishes.
But under his sweet smile, he hides an insatiable and overly demanding desire for love...
When you finally learn of his true feelings, what can you do?

New Game almost out!
Gambit is almost available for Android!
Want the latest Voltage news?
Want to know as soon as Queen's Gambit is available on Android?
Join our mailing list: www.eepurl.com/Lc-0n

First up is Asahi Kakyouin.
This guy is a blue blood!?
He whisks you off to parties and his high-handed behaviour leaves you reeling.
He's the biggest jerk you've ever met, until you glimpse antoher side of him...

Your savage marriage has now begun!

Special Sale!
To show how much we love our fans...
We're having a special SALE in My Forged Wedding!
(※Please Note that sale is only for My Forged Wedding)
Ren's season 1 story are now on SALE!

★★"My Sweet Bodyguard" VS "Her Love In The Force"★★
Which app is more popular?

Subaru: "My Sweet Bodyguard is the best app."
Goto: "Don't make me laugh. Her Love in the Force has more fans."
Subaru: "You trying to pick a fight?"
Goto: "Let's let the users settle this... once and for all."
Both: "What do YOU think?" 

Support your favorite app and get a FREE IMAGE!
Here's how it works:
My Sweet Bodyguard has released "Love Triangle" and Her Love in the Force has released "Surprise Date Love Story: Goto".
The app with the story that sells more in ONE WEEK (last day 4/10 PDT) will be the winner and will give away a free image available to everyone later this month!
Hurry and buy your favorite app's story now!

Kota’s Main Story His PoV is OUT NOW!!
Just when you think you’ve gotten closer, he pulls away again…
What was it like for him feeling tortured by the beginnings of love?

★★"My Sweet Bodyguard" VS "Her Love In The Force"★★
Special Story "Love Triangle" with Subaru & Goto is OUT NOW in "My Sweet Bodyguard"!!
There are hidden love and feelings of jealousy as a love triangle forms between you, Subaru, and Goto! Who will you choose?

And after the story, read it from the guys' perspectives!

This story is part of the heated competition VS "Her Love In The Force"! Support your favorite app and get a FREE IMAGE! Here's how it works:
My Sweet Bodyguard has released "Love Triangle" and Her Love in the Force will release "Surprise Date Love Story: Goto".

The app with the story that sells more in ONE WEEK will be the winner and will give away a free image available to everyone later this month! Buy your favorite app's story now!


DON'T FORGET! Ishigami & Kurosawa's Story Bundles are OUT NOW!
For both Ishigami and Kurosawa, ANYONE who purchases a character's "Story Bundle" AND ANYONE who purchases all three of that character's "Main Story", "Epilogue", & "Sequel" individually by midnight (PDT) April 9th will receive a special never-before-released image!! Check out the News Page in the app on 4/9 for details on how and when to download!


It's your LAST CHANCE to take part in "My Sweet Bodyguard" 2 Year Anniversary Celebration!!!
★ The FINAL ROUND of the exciting caption CONTEST on Tumblr with cool prizes is going on NOW! (http://officialvoltageotome.tumblr.com/)
★ FREE images in the news page!
Tsumugu's Sequel is out now!!!
It's been about a month since you and Tsumugu started dating. You have become more accustomed to Tsumugu's kisses and have been settling into your relationship.
Then, all of the sudden, your relationship is threatened by a enigmatic assailant...?!
Will you be able to get through this together?!

Iori’s Main Story His PoV is OUT NOW!!
Both of you made the worst first impression on each other.
When did the woman-hating evil prince fall in love…?

♡My Wedding and 7 Rings♡
Your savage marriage has now begun...
You've been ordered to pick one of these men
...to marry within the year!

The Marriage Game is your path to true love!

♪Opening Movie

(*Note: I've already added the Game to this Blog!)

*~Special Story: A Ski Trip to Remember~*
Johji brings you and the guys on a ski trip, and you all stay the night under one roof! As much as you love winter sports, being the only girl in a lodge full of guys makes your heart race...
Sweet romance atop the snowy slopes is awaiting you!

Now Available!!!!
Love Me Fool Me: April Fools Special Story
It’s April Fool’s Day! The guys favorite day of the year...but this year who is tricking who?!
“Is it a lie or...?”

New Spin off
Thank you for playing Mononoke Kiss.
To celebrate Mononoke Kiss 1st Anniversary,
Starting today, each week, each character's “Sparks of Jealousy” story will be released.
He attracted many women fans because of his charm.
You are not feeling too good about it. It's always good to know someone is afraid of losing the one they love.
You get to see a different side of him in this story.
Check out 5 romantic stories why he doesn’t want to see you with anyone else but him.

(*Note: There is also a short-story with Jinosuke available!)

New Shall we date? Game is coming soon!
Presenting the most touching and heartwarming story for you!
Let the Castle Break story begin.

News by Skeletiano (o..o)  
Princess, how are you today?
Finally, “Spring Glory” have bloomed in Niflheim!!
Oh? You do not know “Spring Glory”???
It is apparently called Sakura or cherry blossoms in the world of the living, and in Niflheim, we call them with that special name!
We only used to have them in the Count’s lands, but this year, we’ve transplanted them to the castle’s courtyard!!
We have prepared matching far-east clothing for you and your beloved, so please! Please feel welcome to visit Niflheim while the unique seasonal mood lasts!!
I’ll assure you that there will be a romaaaaantic time waiting for you!! .+゚ヽ(`・ω・´)ノ.+゚

The long awaited leader of vigilantes ? Kinshiro’s very own main story is finally out!
Kinshiro is cool, calm and collected until he met you.
In his story, you will find out an unusual side of him you’ve never seen before. A bittersweet and touching romance story unfold.

Early birds special offers
Event period: Until Apr. 22, 11:59 PM(PDT)

New Fashion Gacha!
Jean Pierre's Spring Haute Couture collection is here! Spin the gacha for bright, spring-themed avatars and get the Charm you need to continue your royal romance!

But, hurry, because this gacha is only open until 4/13!

Special Fashion Gacha!
Congratulations for Gold users who achieved 200 login number!!
Only for Gold Users, we open a new Pink Doll Fashion Gacha and Gold Shop!!
These outfits are from Pink Doll Fashion Gacha. All of 3 is soo cute!!
Special Sale
A new Special Sale is currently ongoing on the MFW (Party) game - available only for Gold Users (Gamers who played 200+ days)

Our new app "My Wedding and 7 Rings" coming very soon!
-The prize is CEO in this Savage Wedding Game!-
7 elite men suddenly propose to you... and so it begins...
The Savage Marriage Game!
You've been ordered to pick one of these men to marry WITHIN the year!
A loveless marriage? Never! So you told yourself, but...
The Marriage Game is your path to true love!?

★☆~10 NEW STORIES out from Sweet Cafe~☆★
10 different stories are out for you all today for 9 of our hunkiest Voltage ikemen!
Who's your favorite guy on the list?
Someone dominant and mature like Katsuragi? Or super friendly and liked by everyone like Eiki?
Redeem your Voltage tickets to read these new mini stories for free♪
☆My Sweet Bodyguard☆
Gold Medal Love: Katsuragi (5 tickets)
Gold Medal Love: Ishigami (5 tickets)
☆Dreamy Days in West Tokyo☆
Gold Medal Love: Haruki (5 tickets)
Gold Medal Love II: Haruki (5 tickets)
Gold Medal Love II: Johji (5 tickets)
☆Metro PD: Close to You☆
Gold Medal Love: Nomura (5 tickets)
Gold Medal Love: Yachigusa (5 tickets)
☆Be My Princess☆
Gold Medal Love: Wilfred (5 tickets)
Is He Jealous?: Kirisawa (4 tickets)
Is He Jealous?: Goto (4 tickets)

Special Sale
Ishigami is the #5 Most Popular character, so the special story "Secretly Living Together" is ON SALE THIS WEEK ONLY!!!

Ishigami & Kurosawa's Story Bundles are OUT NOW!
For both Ishigami and Kurosawa, ANYONE who purchases a character's "Story Bundle" AND ANYONE who purchases all three of that character's "Main Story", "Epilogue", & "Sequel" individually by midnight(PDT) April 9th will receive a special never-before-released image!! Check out the News Page in the app on 4/9 for details on how and when to download!
Not only that, Ishigami is the #5 Most Popular character in My Sweet Bodyguard! Keep checking back to find out which story will be on sale this week!
Keep your eyes peeled for the whole month for...
★ MORE Weekly SALES for the Top 5 most popular guys!
★ MORE NEW stories & bundle packages!
★ The FINAL ROUND of the exciting caption CONTEST on Tumblr with cool prizes is going on NOW! (http://officialvoltageotome.tumblr.com/)
★ A heated competition VS "Her Love In The Force" coming SOON!
★ FREE images in the news page!

New Sweet Stories are OUT NOW!!
You start living together with your crush?!

Yoh: An Owner's Manual is OUT!! 
Next up in the popular An Owner’s Manual series, we have Yoh!
Looks like that alcohol has gone to your head, but Yoh is here, lending a very sexy helping hand.
And after watching a romantic movie, are you in the mood for love? Because it’s a safe bet that Yoh is!
Get all the tips and tricks on how to train your impish man! ♡

Main Story His PoV: Kyohei is OUT NOW!
Kyohei’s got you right where he wants you.
But what were the feelings he kept hidden from you…?
Find out in His PoV!

-His feelings for you have become a love song!-
Purchasing the Main Story Ending Set allows you to watch a movie with THEIR VOCALS!
This is the only place where you can hear Revance sing!
Why not listen and compare each member’s voices?
Kyohei, Iori, and Kota's Ending Sets are AVAILABLE NOW!
*The ending movie is sung in Japanese.

New Game comes out soon!

The prize is CEO in this Savage Wedding Game!
You were just a typical office worker dreaming of a happy marriage.
Now the company's alpha males are proposing to you...?!
Each tries to seduce you, all sharing one goal...
Marry you... to become CEO!
"I don't want a loveless marriage!"
Or so you thought...
The machinations of fate underlie this wedding game!

★☆~KIRISAWA added to Sweet Cafe's Top Page Guys~☆★
Hiroshi Kirisawa, the leader of 2nd Unit in the Metropolitan Police Department in Metro PD: Close to You, was voted the TOP ikemen character of the year in Japan last year!!
He's handsome for sure, but there's something about his calm, gentle, and caring demeanor that sets our hearts on FIRE!
Now he's been added to one of the Sweet Cafe TOP GUYS!
Go check it out now!! ^O^/
Do you enjoy romance novels? Love to stay in and watch romance movies on weekends?
Love anime art? Shojo manga? Cute boys??
Interested but don't really know which Voltage app to start with...?
If you said YES to any one of those, then welcome to Sweet Cafe-- Voltage's NEW portal site!
App store:
Google Play:

Free Sequel Epilogue!
Kyohei: “Have you all been enjoying our stories?
Now’s your chance to find out what happens next before anyone else.
Why don’t you comment and tell us which one of us you like best?
...But of course it’s me, right?”
If you buy one guy's Main Story, Epilogue, AND Sequel (for any or all of these three guys) anytime in March...
You can read his Sequel Epilogue in advance for free until the end of April!
(Buying the ending set is not a requirement.
You can access the story from the campaign page.)
It’s ending soon!
Don’t miss out!

✿Enchanted in the Moonlight - Spring Blossoms Campaign!✿

Have you already checked out the app?
We’ve got lots of events going on that you’ll only be able to experience RIGHT NOW!
Don’t let this chance slip away!
<1>Spring Blossoms SALE
Miyabi, Chikage, Shinra, Kyoga and Yukinojo
Main Story, Epilogue, Sequel, Sequel Epilogue and Sub Story: His PoV
< 2> Chikage’s voiced story is back!
Last year’s popular voiced sub story, Chikage’s One-winged Love, is here for a limited time only! Don’t miss this chance!
We’re bringing it back especially for you!
*Those that purchased this story last year can enjoy it again without any extra charge!
♥> New character, Samon, out now!
Samon’s main story and epilogue are out now!
He’s always been the gentle, older-brother type, watching over you from afar. But there’s another side to him, waiting for you to discover... Could he have been the man of your dreams this whole time!?
*Samon’s epilogue comes with a special, limited-time-only voiced mini-story featuring Chikage!
<4>Mononoke Omikuji is back!
See your fortune for the day in Mononoke Omikuji!

New Character is out!
Are you all ready for a thrilling romance with the cute little devil!?
Mirai Kageyama's Main Story is now available!!!
To see more, go check out our App!
But just before you rush off, we would like to let you know that there's a "Value Set Campaign" and a "Story Campaign" running right now!!
Don't miss this chance to get helpful items for a great value! Make good use of them to complete Mirai's story(*´u`*) <3
Last but not least!
If you finish Mirai's Main Story by 4/6 8:00 (UTC), you will be able to get a Mini-Mirai avatar as a bonus! Be sure to get the limited avatar and place him right next to your own!
These are all a limited offer, so hurry!

**My Forged Wedding: PARTY - New Campaign**
Resume Spring Days with your hubby and collect Easter Eggs Points. You will get super cute outfit for Easter!!

[MFWP] New Event: Spring Days –Sweet Cherry Kisses-
Enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms with your favorite hubby.
And to all the Yuta fans out there: Don't miss Yuta's first event story!

New Gem Gacha
Happy Birthday Prince Wilfred!
Okay, so the celebration has started a little early at Be My Princess: PARTY. but it's great news for you with a brand new Wilfred Story Gacha starting NOW until 4/8!
Need Gems for the Gacha? Get them now with the Glamorous Gem Campaign (though only until 4/2)!
Happy Spinning!
New Event
Elias “I came here to announce a new event coming up. Your harmonious life with us...”
??? “Too boring.”
Elias “?!”
Klaus “As usual, you are too inflexible, Elias.”
Elias “K-Klaus?! Why are you here...”
Klaus “I was worried of you announcing the event just by yourself.”
Elias “...Thank you for coming, brother.”
Klaus “I’ll show you an example.
You can read stories about your sweet life with us. And make sure you don’t miss boy talk, where you can see our unexpected aspects.”
Elias “I was too embarrassed to hear Klaus speaking fondly of you...”
Klaus “We changed the avatar items to cute springlike ones, so try them on. Elias, you want to see her in those clothes too, right?”
Elias “...! Y-Yes!”
Klaus “Check further details on the app. See you.”

New Game is coming soon!
This NEW title mixes two different game genres that have never before made for our series.
More updates coming up soon!

New Character is coming soon!
Finally, Kinishiro's route will be out very soon!

Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja - New Spin off
New SPECIAL Spin-off "HBI - Heian Bureau of Investigation" is Finally OUT!!!!!!!
The modern version of Chibi photos are now availa...
(*Note: Enya's CG is added to this Blog & Goyo is coming soon!)

Another game to introduce today "My Secret Pet"!
On the night you broke up with your boyfriend, you returned home feeling rather annoyed, only to find out there were 4 handsome guys waiting for you! They are actually transformed from your pets! A love story where your pets running around you, completetly up to your order! And within them you found your ex-boyfriend too...!

Sweet Scandal is coming back in a completely new and enhanced version !
New stories, new characters, more CGs, gorgeous avatars...
And the pre-registrations have already started !! Pre-register now to the game and receive presents !
And don't forget to share this page too, to let your friends know about this campaign !
Are you ready to cover very closely new handsome genius ?!

NEW GAME from Koyonplete is out!
This is a collaboration between Kadokawa Manga and Otome Apps. The experience will definitely get you hooked and wanting for more!
Tease Me If You Can (Kadokawa Manga with Seiyuu voices)
*****A never before seen "Manga" app with alluring voices from seiyuu.*****

New Game is Coming Soon!
Forbidden Romance is plannig to roll out a series of new games from this spring!
Here is a preview: "Sengoku Princess: A War Stpry, A Love Story".
We are back in Segoku era, and you are the princess of a city being invaded by devil! Using witchcraft 5 samurai were summoned back from the other world. They possess the memory of people close to you, and has the mission to protect you...
Will you fall in love with them...?
Forbidden Romance Official Website

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